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A Taste for Cock

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A Taste for Cock 1 There is really nothing like sucking a cock: the smell, taste and the feeling of a throbbing cock in your mouth; the absolute joy of knowing the pleasure you are giving another guy.

A Taste for Cock 1

There is really nothing like sucking a cock: the smell, taste and the feeling of a throbbing cock in your mouth; the absolute joy of knowing the pleasure you are giving another guy. Here's a story about one of my first MM experiences.

My ex-wife and I used to go to swingers' clubs. Tons of fun there, but that's another story. There was one couple that we had played with a few times.

Keith was a slimmer guy, about 6 foot, curly blonde hair, and, as I had come to find out, a beautiful 7-inch cock that stayed hard for hours. Ellie was a gorgeous 5'5", on the heavier side with a perfect ass. I do love a bigger lady, always have. My ex Cindy was tall, 5'10", with long legs and a nice rack. Me, I was 6'1", 220, short dark hair, a muscular build with what I was told an 8-inch hard-on.

I should really put in here the attitude on MM play at these clubs. FF play of course is great and encouraged even. When comes to MM play, this of course is still taboo. It's funny that even at a place where people have sex out in the open, there is something that is found to be "disgusting". Over the course of my years playing, I did find this to be a public opinion only. Behind lockable doors most guys are open to at least touching.

One night by chance we had met K and E up at the club. After a few hours of dancing, teasing and a few drinks we decided to go to K's house. It was a nice place, dominated by a California king bed.

Another drink and a few dances later things started to heat up: K and C fell on the bed hugging. E and I took a different route: she climbed on the bed offering to sit on my face, to which I happily obliged.

After some play and a break or two, K ended up behind C for some doggy. E was in the back playing with K's balls, while C decided to suck my cock. I'm not too sure how, but one started to fall, then we ended up in one big pile.

With a short rest, K started sliding in and out of C from behind; I couldn't see his cock, but her pussy was wet and shiny. E not being one to be left out had joined C sucking on my cock.

The entire situation was wild and extremely hot. C was really close to cumming and had started begging for some closer attention.

Without a second thought I reached up and started rubbing her clit.C started moaning and bucking her hips. K started talking about how great she felt and how he could feel my hand on her clit. Of course this just got her going more, bucking and yelling for more. At one point her pussy just squirted his cock right out of her. There he was with his cock in the air and there I was with a cock in my hand. We looked at each other and could see that we were ok. We looked at the ladies and found them playing with each other talking about how hot it was to see two guys together. At this point all bets were off. We brought C back in front of K, so I could help guide his cock into her. There is something extremely exciting about putting another man's cock into your wife. While he was sliding in and out of her I was rubbing her clit again. Only this time I made sure to pay attention to the cock at the same time. I was so close to her pussy, watching her get fucked. The smell, the sight, the feeling of E sucking my cock was intoxicating. Everything felt right, there was no air of judgment. As K was fucking my wife his cock slid out of her again, I was right there I could see it all happening. I went right ahead and licked the head of his cock! Everything kind of stopped for a moment we all looked at each other. His voice was the first to break the silence: "Oh, fuck yes man, that feels GREAT!" We all laughed for a second; then, without thinking, I popped as much of him as I could get into my mouth and started sucking. At this point I'm not sure who was enjoying this more. A cock in my mouth, my wife and another were watching and this guy is telling me how good I am. I guided his cock back in my wife with K asking how his cock tasted. I informed him that he tasted great even better with C's juices on him. He said that he'd like to know how that tasted, so I bent right down and kissed him on the mouth. We were French-kissing, tasting each other with our girls cheering us on. K had C get on him reverse cowgirl and started fucking her real slow. E and I took turns eating C out with K fucking her. The excitement was building, I wanted to see him cum. I had started rubbing his balls, his moans saying that he enjoyed it. I proceeded to rub taking a slow track down. When I had gotten to his asshole he was bucking so hard he was forcing my finger in him. C had gotten off K by now, I had him all to myself. We ended with K spread out, knees up, and my finger in him. I knew that he was getting close now, his balls were pulling up. I had his cock in my mouth rubbing his balls when he told me he's cumming. I wanted the taste and sensation, I got it all as he let loose in my mouth. A little salty and thick, but I knew I was hooked. About this time E came around me opened her mouth for a kiss. We shared his cum together saving enough for C. C was whimpering as we fed her K's cum from our mouths, she came on the spot. E and I hadn't cum yet, so I had her climb on top of me K got his turn guiding me into his wife. K sent me into her with a kiss and a lick to my cock. I knew there was no way I could last for long. As I got ready, I asked her where she wanted it. "All in me!" she shouted. With all the excitement, new stuff going on and of course watching my wife get fucked I blew five or seven shots all up inside her. I came so hard my legs were twitching five minutes later. That was when I felt a tongue on my balls and shaft. K had gotten between my legs and was cleaning both of us up. From the bottom to the top he found every spot of cum slurping it up. E finally lifted herself off of me, a plop sounding as my cock flopped out of her. There was a string of cum from the head of my cock to her pussy. C went to clean E up not missing one drop, K was doing the same to me. Once all the cum was cleaned off C and K French kissed making a show out of swapping our cum. They ended up with each having half; then they came up to E and myself repeating the ritual. E and I then swapped the cum between us finally getting back to our own partner where all the cum was swallowed. This was one of our hotter nights.