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Like A Snake Charmer

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Like A Snake Charmer Every man I know wants to fuck my wife, and she flirts, teases, and tames them like a snake charmer with cobras in a basket.   It shouldn\'t be surprising that they lust after he

Like A Snake Charmer

Every man I know wants to fuck my wife, and she flirts, teases, and tames them like a snake charmer with cobras in a basket.   It shouldn't be surprising that they lust after her, as she is sexy, gorgeous, and simply personifies sensuality. Most of them are constrained, held at bay, reduced to dejected candidates, only a few are allowed to taste the sweet fruit of her sexuality. Jake is quite different, and he seems to be resistant to her flute playing.   He intrigues her, toys with her, interests her, and he once came right out and told her, "Why don't you just fuck me, like you want to?"

When she told me what he said, I asked, "What did you say?"  She said she told him he was arrogant and too sure of himself.

"Then he said I was fooling myself, because he knew I wanted him to fuck me," she said.

"Is he right?" I asked holding her to me..

"Probably," she said smiling, coquettishly. 

Are you going to?" I asked, knowing that she, of course, would.

"I don't know," she said.  "Maybe.  He is very sexy.  But he is so sure of himself.  Maybe.  I might.  Don't know."

"You could," I told her.  "Would be okay."  I knew maybe meant yes.  For sure she would end up in his bed, although most likely it would be hers.  She prefers her own bed for fucking.  She knows it, loves the feel of it, and relishes having sex in it.  Most of her lovers have fucked her in her own bed.  

"I know," Claire said, alluding to our agreement.  "Maybe."

We had long before agreed that sex was something that she could enjoy outside of our marriage if she wanted, anytime she wanted, and she did, but she liked to be in control, and she chose her lovers very carefully.   She kept them at a distance but enjoyed having sex with other men on occasion, and I enjoyed watching her.  She was a skillful and marvelous  lover, and she left men gasping and remembering their time with her for the rest of their lives.

But Jake made it a point to not be controlled, and he turned the tables on her, making her want it with him and she was weakening.  I could see that. Finally, he enticed her, overcame her resistance, got to her womanly desires.  

"I think I am going to invite Jake over," she said one night, admitting he had succeeded in seducing her.   I looked at her knowingly, aware that this would happen, eventually.   That she would give in to him, desire him, be unable to resist him any longer.  

"Okay," I said.  "When?" 

"Saturday," she said without hesitation, "in the morning, so we can be together until Sunday night.  That all right with you?"

"Of course," I said.  "You want condoms?" I asked, thinking I should get them that afternoon.

"No," she said.  "He has his own.  And I am on the pill, remember?  He won.  He made me want him.  I must give him a good time.  The very best ever," she said with a smile, determined to least win the battle of sexual wills.  "The others are easy, but Jake is a virtuoso.  He isn't easily restrained."

"I know," I said, fully aware that although he convinced her, she most likely had already decided to bed him from the start.

Jake came the next Saturday morning and he brought flowers, which she loves, and candy, which she craves, and he kissed her at the door like a lover, in front of the neighbors and the mailman and the children waiting for the school bus.   Inside, with me watching from the den, he undressed her in the living room, slowly, wantonly, then led her naked to the bedroom to begin the weekend.   

He had taken off her blouse, her skirt, her shoes and socks, her slip, then--seductively--her panties and bra.  As he removed each item he kissed the part he had just uncovered.  He had then folded each piece, placed it carefully on a chair, and gone back to his task.  He was the consummate lover, and I savored the sight of him preparing her for his penis and his tongue, his hands and fingers, and his eyes.  He readied her slowly and with practiced expertise, fondling, kissing, licking her skin, and making her anticipate what was coming, what she yearned for, what would make her close her eyes in excitement.  He also admired her nakedness as it was revealed to him.

He fucked her until ten, then he ate her slowly and deliberately, building in her an orgasm that would come bursting from her like clap of thunder.   "Oh God," she sighed.  "You are so good.  I never should have waited," she said with a moan, biting down on her lower lip with her top teeth.  "I never should have said 'maybe'.  I should have done this long ago," she admitted as he munched and sucked and licked at her pussy.  He parted her pussy lips with two fingers and lapped between those lovely petals, pushing his tongue deep and curling it to catch whatever fluid there was there to drink.  He swallowed her flowing nectar and licked where it had been.

Then he moved up her body and entered her again in one quick motion, pushing forward with his hips and pelvis.   He started moving quickly in and out of her, thrusting her forward with each movement of his body.  Her breasts rocked forward and back as he shoved her ahead.  She begged for another climax.  "Please make me come again," she implored, her voice trembling with emotion. 

"Maybe," he teased.  "I might.  I don't know," he said mocking her previous coyness.  Again she begged for him to make her climax.  I had never heard her beg before, and I had seen her with most of her lovers.  That was part of our agreement.  She would fuck, I would watch, then we would talk about it afterwards, and that was the most enjoyable part for me, even more than actually fucking her.  I loved to hear her talk about each one.

Jake began slowly moving in and out of her, teasing her, making her beg, pounding her pussy the way she longs for.  "What do you want?" he asked, again, forcefully, towering above her.

"To come," she begged in a pleading voice.  "Please make me come.  Fuck me harder and make me come, oh please."  He started to increase the speed.   She thanked him and he laughed, pushing into her as his chuckle echoed through the room.  I was thrilled by the intensity.

"What do you want?" he asked with a roughness in his voice.

"To have my pussy fucked hard and to come again.   I want to come forcefully and loud and long.  I want your cock in me deep and fast," she cried with desperation.   He began to speed up more, and I watched him fuck her with more powerful thrusts, rapidly pushing in and out of her as she had asked, as she had dreamed of, as she most desired.  

I watched my wife being fucked by Jake and I smiled to myself, happy that she was being so well cared for.  When she decides she wants it, she really, really wants it.  He had made her wait, made her beg, and he was giving her what she pleaded for, a good hard fucking with a lot of impact and energy and passion.  He was fucking her like she loved, and he was making her beg him for it.  I love my wife, and it was good to see her getting what she really loved, what she truly wanted.   She relished being fucked hard and fast, and she loved being dominated like Jake was doing to her.  He had made her want him and he was giving her what she dreamed of, what she needed most of all.

He was her alpha, and she craved that.  She loved to be dominated.  That was why our sex was tepid to her.  I am not an alpha.  I am a passive and I love to watch her get a good hard fucking.  It is what I live for, and it is what she hungers for and what she genuinely needs.

She is a dominant herself, and an alpha needs an alpha, really, even though they seem to fancy a submissive.  We have been together for twenty years and I know her well, know what she thirsts for, and I love seeing her get what she requires.  Mostly, she needs the challenge of another dynamic personality.   

Jake and Claire had sex all day, going from early morning until nearly eight o'clock that night, taking a recess only for a couple of food breaks and bathroom stops.  It was a marathon day of sex between two dominate temperaments.  I left them alone after a while, coming back later, after lunch to watch them fuck again.

They slept soundly that night, then they started again the next morning, going from nine to noon, then taking a break for lunch.  After lunch they started again and he fucked her while she knelt on the bed with her butt in the air for him to enter her from behind.  Her head began to hang towards the pillow, and his movements into her were slowing.  I could tell they were tiring and beginning to get sluggish.  I was surprised he could still get an erection, although I could see it was not as robust and stiff and long as it had been.  They had sex like no two people I had ever seen, and as an expert in porn I had seen quite a few.

She got her second wind while she was blowing him at three. I left them to their sex and checked in with them at four and they were sleeping.  She had a contented smile on her face, and he had an exhausted one.   She had fucked him under the table and he looked spent and tired. I watched them sleep for a minute and marveled at what they had done over the past two days.  

It had been a monumental fucking session that lasted all Saturday until Sunday night, and she had left him weak and used up, but she was sore, I was sure, and her pussy was pink and raw, but she had come back with an energy that wore him out, literally.  

She opened her eyes and smiled at me.  "I love you," I whispered, and she said it back to me.  

He left that night and could barely walk, and he kissed her at the door, then shuffled off to his car.  He had given her the weekend of her life, but she had given back, and she had worn him to a nub.  I kissed her when he was gone and she perked up and smiled at me.

"You want to make love?"she asked me.  "I wasn't making love to him, I was just having sex."  We made love until I fell asleep and she cuddled up against me and finally slept herself.  The weekend had gone to the strongest, and we slept until noon.  

My wife has been with Jake maybe ten times now, but every time he leaves spent and weak and happy that he finally talked her into fucking him.   She clearly is the alpha in this house.  She has charmed all the cobras in this county, and I simply stand back and admire her as she handles the men lucky enough to spend time in her bed.  

I married an alpha wonder woman and I thank God everyday for bringing her to me, and for her allowing me to be her submissive husband in a field of dominants.