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A Lesson in Love

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A tremendous thank you to Amber Embers for Editing Not really sure even how to start this. But for the story I\'m about to tell you, to make any sense, I have to back up three years and tell you how i

A tremendous thank you to Amber Embers for Editing

Not really sure even how to start this. But for the story I'm about to tell you, to make any sense, I have to back up three years and tell you how it all started. And let's call it "my mind fuck."

I was approaching panic mode as our fifth anniversary was fast approaching, and things had seemed blah in the bedroom for a little while now. I was pounding myself to make this a special one for my beautiful Sarah. She was the angel of my life, and I desperately needed to make this up for her. I made reservations at the finest restaurant in town two months earlier, then went to her favorite dress shop where they were very familiar with her. I got her the sexiest little black dinner dress, Black sheer pantyhose and a pair of little white thong panties that would shine through those hose.

My Sarah has a perfect body. Impeccably manicured and the grace of a princess. A delicate little necklace, nothing expensive, that was the sort of thing that would have set her off. There was never any buying her love, you earned it. the flowers, the wine, everything was going to be perfect. I had waited with anticipation for weeks for this night. If anything, just to see that outfit. So, when Sarah got home the first thing she did every night was run a hot bath and while she was in the tub, I had everything laid out, the wine was chilling, I lit the candles, her dress laid on the bed, everything was just right.

Except her attitude was off. Wasn't an angry one, wasn't bubbly like; Happy Anniversary, sort of coy; lovably, wet kiss and all, but coy. First thing that struck me was the length of time she spent in the bath tonight. But then I thought it must be her grooming for me, after all she couldn't possibly think I forgot our special day.

I waited with quiet breath for the sound of the plug being pulled on her bath and waited for her outside our room. I heard the ensuite door open to a 'HONEY', I walked into the room with chest out waiting for her adulation but wasn't quite what I got. She looked at the beautiful dress on the bed and said, "What's the occasion?"


I was stunned! I said "Sweetie, it's our anniversary."

She smiled and said, "Oh how sweet you are."


She continues, "I'm so sorry," not looking up from the dress, running her hand under the silky pantyhose, and stroking her finger down the edge of the little panties, a little too seductively.


I say to her, "I have the perfect evening planned out for us. Dinner, dancing, wine on the table."

She finally looks up at me with this look on her face, she bites her lip the way she used to when we first started dating. "I love these clothes," She says, "Do you mind if I just put them on for you and we just stay in? I'm really tired."

"But sweetie, I have all these plans, I've made reservations, I'll have to pay for." I answered.

She puts her little tongue between her teeth and said "Well. I'll try to make it up to you," as she sways her sexy little hips, and her towel nearly falls off. She gives me an open mouthed "Awe" look, grabs the towel edge from falling, and says "Do you mind pouring us a glass of wine, while I put on these sexy clothes? Oh, and by the way. I know you bought these for you 'not me'" and gives me a cat eating grin.

Wow, I turn to the kitchen to pour us a glass of wine each, pouting like a child. How dare she ruin all my plans, all the work I've put into this night.

I know I've let the steam out of our relationship. Sex has become vanilla, we stopped trying new things. When we first started dating, sex was fantastic! Mostly because she was so new to it. Of course, I'm bragging, but I am hung like a small horse. Nine inches long and thicker than her hand could wrap around. She was so impressed with my size, and the care I took with my little angel breaking her in; I mean damn she was so tight, our foreplay would last an hour to make sure I had got her ready for my penetration. I would go down on her so slowly, playing with her little button sliding my fingers into her softly, gently, opening her hole as to not hurt her.

The first time we tried to have sex, it ended in mutual masturbation, as I was too eager, and nearly hurt her trying to drive my thickness into a not ready little hole. She used to call me daddy and referred to it as 'daddy's big cock', which I used to think was odd, but also an incredible turn on. It took weeks of more than steady sex, before she could take my size for a quickie. I guess I got into a rut relying on my penis, and not my mind, to keep my baby interested.

I sit on the couch with my wine, damn near ready to turn some sports on. I pour a second glass, 'what's taking so long' I wonder, as I still sit there pouting. When she comes in from our room - OH...MY...FUCKING...GOD... how did I hit this jackpot?

She always dresses nice, she's not a sweats and sweater kind of girl. Works out at the gym, runs, perfectly fit and beautiful, but WOW! "My lord Baby, you look fabulous, and I mean stunning," I tell her as I eye her up and down.

Her makeup was perfect, the style she uses when we do go out to office parties and such, that dress on her body was unbelievable; if not almost a little too short -if there's such a thing- riding halfway up her thighs, her sheer pantyhose glistening from the Led lighting, the transition of her long, blonde, shiny hair. Until then I hadn't realized until she glided over the carpet with the grace and elegance of a princess, that the dress was backless, meaning no bra. My mind was swirling, she's been in the room for two minutes and I've already forgiven her and can feel my cock start to twitch.

My god she looked beautiful. she grabbed her glass of wine and pranced back and forth in front of me, and said "WELL, what do you think?" with a little girl spin, knowing how hot she was. I was stunned, speechless for once; she giggled and gave me that evil grin again and said "I'm glad you like it, and I'm sorry I forgot about tonight."

She sat on the couch a little bit further from me than usual, and then sort of pivoted towards me with her knee right up on the edge of the couch. This position opened her legs, her little dress already short, rode higher on her thigh. Another inch and I'd be able to see if she put on the panties, I'd bought her. I must have been staring at her gorgeous legs hoping for a peek when I heard her say "Is everything ok?" and a soft giggle.

WOW! I snapped out of my daze and realized she had giggled at me. Who is this girl? All this confidence, is this something I've missed wrapped up in my own world? She leans back into the couch which pulls her dress up a tiny bit more. DAMNNN...Fuck me...Damn. I have never wanted to fuck her so bad as right now, not when we first dated, not ever.

I stare at her still speechless. "Thank you again, this dress will be perfect."

Did I hear that right, will be perfect...perfect for what I thought as I notice for maybe the third time she's looked up at the clock. What is going on? What is she up to? She's different tonight. She finishes her glass and looks me in the eyes, before she slides off the couch, letting her dress ride right up to her waist. Holy fuck! Is she being a tease on purpose? My cock is straining to grow in my pants, and she is flaunting her perfect little body like she has never done before,

That's when things changed forever.

The doorbell rang, and she barks quickly, "I'll get that!" She slinks to the door looking at me from the corner of her eye. She opens the door, and a giant smile comes across her face, she gleams out into the hallway, leans on the door and says so seductively "Hiiiiii."

She hesitates and opens the door further, and in walks this stunning young brunette in a skintight white knit dress. Perfectly made up, as beautiful as my Sarah, but yet different. Deep brown eyes glanced at where I sat, and before I could understand what was happening, she said "Yes, I can see it now." She looks into my baby's eyes and leans in and kisses her softly on the lips. It lingered and I heard my baby moan softly. I'm thinking 'YAHOO my baby brought us a play toy home, my fucking god she is the best, I'm gonna fuck two hot chicks tonight!'

I get up from the couch and take a step towards them in the middle of the floor. Her friend holds up her hand, with her finger out, pointed at me with that 'Stop right there!' motion.


I look at my baby and she leans her chin on her friend's shoulder, gives their two bodies a little sway and says, "Baby this is Megan." She looks up at her and gives her earlobe a little nibble and a tiny little suck, and Megan closes her eyes and moans.

She puts her hand behind Sarah's head and says, "Oh baby I've been waiting for this for so long." Sarah looks over her shoulder at me, and with that same damn evil look, she turns her head, and they lock into the most passionate kiss I've ever seen. No hesitation, no hint they care that I'm there...just a long, moaning kiss. When they break the kiss Sarah licks Megan's lips, Megan sticks her tiny pink tongue out, and Sarah sucks it into her mouth with urgency. Megan starts to slide her hand down Sarah's back and over my baby's perfect ass.

What the fuck is going on? Do I get to play or what? I say "Baby??" with a half-smile, hurt feelings and a raging hard on.

They part the kiss and look at me together. Megan looks down at my boner. long and thick, facing down my leg and says, "You weren't lying, it is huge!"

A quick rush of ego flushes my body, and I'm thinking maybe I do get to play.

Sarah says "Yes baby, I told you it was, and he really knows how to fuck..." she paused... "when he wants to." She finishes, almost sarcastically.

Megan looks into my eyes and just 'Ummmm's and looks back into Sarah's eyes and asks, "Where's the bedroom?"

Sarah grabs her by the hand and turns, looking over her shoulder at me, she drags her friend toward the bedroom. I'm standing there looking like a dufus, as they walk to the room. When I get to see Megan's body from behind...What a fucking body! No wonder my baby has been seduced by this she-devil! I quickly follow them into the bedroom. They stop at the edge of the bed and start to kiss again, every bit as passionate as before.

I move in to join, and again Megan puts her hand up and stops me.

Sarah, lost in her lust of the kiss, doesn't even look up at me, she buries her head in Megan's neck, as Megan motions me to sit on the drawing chair opposite the bed.

What?!?! I think to myself, but like a child being scolded; I did as I was told, again a little hurt and pissed about it.

Megan turns back to my baby and starts to kiss her with lust. Not passion, but lust. The two of them digging their tongues into each other's mouths, slurping and moaning as they start to explore each other's bodies, two perfect bodies looking like they were possessed.

Sarah lowering her hand onto Megan's gorgeous ass, squeezing it, rubbing it in little circles. Megan with her hand behind Sarah's head, her other hand mid back pulling her into herself, I could see them start to grind their pelvis together, grinding each other through their clothes.

I'm sitting there, with a raging hard cock, straining to get out, to grow.

Sarah starts to pull Megan's dress up over her perfect ass. -Ohhhhhh fuck this is hot- Meghan kicks her heels off and drops two inches, now a full inch shorter than my baby. The result was Sarah pulling her dress up almost to her hips and I still don't see a sign of panties on her. She spreads her legs slightly, now unencumbered and grinds her pussy into Sarah. Sarah lets out a huge sigh through Megan's still sucking lips. Megan takes a step forward, maneuvering Sarah to the bed, and from the edge pushes her backwards down onto the bed. Megan steps towards her. Sarah, looking lost, spreads her legs and pulls her knees up slightly, her dress falls down over her hips and I get my first peek of the white thong panty.

Sarah reaches her hands out to pull her new lover up onto her, Megan motions for her to slide further back on the bed, and she does so quickly. Megan crawls seductively up between Sarah's legs and lays her body on my baby; and buries her head in Sarah's neck, sucking and nibbling, biting that spot where her shoulder meets her neck, to Sarah's Agggghhhhhhh,,,,,,,,


When is it my turn? I undo my pants, pull my shirt over my head and drop my drawers. My fully swollen cock flops out and stands straight up, I see a glance out of Megan's eyes, she hesitates for a second staring at my cock. I'm thinking 'that's its baby, look at my guy.' I walk to the edge of the bed; my baby is lost in passion. I put my knee on the edge to climb on, and finally my little angel looks at me and quickly barks "Sit back down!"

Stunned...Hurt, so many emotions in an instant run through my head, and like a lost puppy I obeyed, and sat back down on my chair. Feeling like a scolded child and almost pouting. Megan looks up again at me...me...not my eyes, my cock...She slides her glance upwards and smiles coyly at me and looks back down at my Sarah. They smile at each other with almost a gloat.

Sarah closes her eyes and through her parted lips, her little tongue emerges, and Megan softly touches her tongue with hers, and they fall into closed eyes passion. Megan starts to explore Sarah's body with her hands, sliding down over her pert left breast and down onto Sarah's firm belly. She pulls gently on Sarah's dress, pulling it up past the edge of her pantyhose, up as far as it would go with Sarah's bum pinning it under herself. Megan places her hand back onto her now bare belly and starts to make small circles with her hand, mesmerized now, I can't take my eyes off this, and have almost forgotten about any rage I was feeling.

Megan passes again and slides her hand halfway under Sarah's waistband just short of touching her mound. Sarah softly moans and slightly arches her back, she reaches up with her left hand and caresses Megan's cheek, as their kissing grows a little more intense, a little more heated. Megan with her hand still under Sarah's hose, rolls her right leg over Sarah and with a slight knee bend. lays it right across Sarah's crotch. She starts to slowly slide her calf muscle up and down along Sarah's pussy. The crotch of her hose now tight to her body, forms a barrier from the rubbing. Megan's calf would surely be just clitoral stimulation.

I watch as Sarah now starts to rotate her hips, pulling her knees apart and pulling her feet upwards, to create more pressure on herself. Megan picks up her pace slightly, dragging her leg along Sarah's ever moistening cunt. I hear a soft 'aaagghh' from Sarah's lips, as they continue their incredible sensual kissing. I watch Megan put a heel lock on the inside of Sarah's thigh and pull her leg further apart and drop her hand further into her hose, and over her pussy, Sarah gasps and arches her back further, twists her hips sideways and pulls Megan's head tighter into her lips. I can see Megan's hand directly on Sarah's vagina, her palm high on her clit and pulling her fingers in a half cupping motion, dragging the tips over Sarah's opening.

Sarah pulls her hand from Megan's cheek and reaches for her wrist, urging her to rub faster...harder...more pressure. She raises her pelvis as high as Megan's leg lock will allow, and with another low throaty moan Megan releases her leg, and Sarah thrusts her hips upwards. Releasing her dress from under her bum, it slides all the way up to just below her breasts, Megan applies more pressure on her pussy. I can see her little muscles in her arms flexing as she's grinding her fingers into my baby's pussy. Sarah pulls her feet closer to her bum raising her pelvis to full height and starts fucking upwards at Megan's hand. Bucking her hips, spreading her knees, driving Megan's hand from her wrist.

My Sarah is in that zone, where she's working herself into an orgasm, it builds and builds and when she lets go, you know she's Cumming, Sarah was still fucking at the air. Megan slides her knees from laying on her side in a half fetal position, under Sarah's lower back. She nudges herself under further and when she's happy with her position, she pulls her hand from Sarah's pussy and I hear an "Agghhhhhhh...no baby, don't stop...agghhhhh...I'm so close" still gyrating her hips in a near orgasmic outcome. Megan starts to push her panty hose over Sarah's hips, down over her vagina, exposing the little white panties under her hose. Sarah drops her bum for Megan to remove this binding, excess clothing. Her lower back falls on Megan's well positioned knees and legs bending her over, her vagina fully exposed, her legs flailing over the edge and the hose halfway down her thighs. Megan immediately grabs a handful of Sarah's pussy.

Omg what a sight, Sarah bent over and practically at Megan's control, Sarah starts to pump her legs outward, then raising her knees and outward again, as Megan dips two fingers into her hole. Megan raises her wrist from riding on Sarah's clit and starts to fuck her with her hand, rapidly pumping her fingers in and out as Sarah's orgasm starts to build again. Her legs flailing like she's swimming for her life, she grabs two hands full of covers and squeals as her body starts to quake "eeeaaagghhhhhhhh...fuckkkkkkk...babyyyyyy..." Three hard pumps of her legs and she eases her body limp across Megan's legs.

Megan hesitates for a half minute staring down into her eyes and says "Wow, that's been coming for a long time. She weasels out from under Sarah's back and kneels by her side, her white dress still up around her waist. She reaches down and pulls it up over her head, fucking wow is she hot, gorgeous tits, a rock-hard body...no wonder my baby is attracted to her.

Megan pulls Sarah to a sitting position and pulls her dress up over her head. Sarah looks at her, as I am, like 'what are you doing, I'm done.' She smiles at her and wiggles her perfect body to Sarah's feet and pulls her hose and panties off. Without anything more than a smile she puts her hands under each of Sarah's knees and raises them forcing Sarah onto her back. She pushes her knees up to her chest and looks down into Sarah's perfect wet cunt.

Megan lays the flat of her tongue on the base of the crack of Sarah's ass; she slowly drags it up over her anal bud, over the delicate piece of flesh that separates her ass from vagina, up over her hole, through the length of her slit and over her clit. "Aggghhhhhhhhh" Sarah cries out, her pussy still incredibly sensitive from her orgasm, it's almost more than she can take. Megan does it again, equally slow and deliberate, time and time again she drags her tongue along her entire length. Dragging her, by then dry tongue, over Sarah's now overly sensitive clit, her taste buds rasping at Sarah's button; at that perfect moment when she's sure it could turn from pleasure to pain, she shifts gear and goes gentle. With just the tip of her tongue she circles her clit, careful not to touch it, softly kisses it with just her lips, still with tenderness she softly pulls it into her mouth and gives it a tiny suck. "Aggggghhhhh" again and Sarah reaches for her head with both hands. She's gone from 'I'm done', to 'oh baby, don't stop'.

Megan releases her knees and starts to rub the entrance to her opening with her forefinger, no penetration, just a teasing circling of her hole as she expertly soft sucks on her clit. I watch my baby's breathing pick up 'holy fuck, she's going to make her cum again, she hasn't had multiple orgasms since our early days of dating'. Sarah lowers her feet on the bed and starts to gently gyrate her hips. Megan catches the sign and starts to suck a little harder on her clit, swirling her tongue around the hood and flicking her tongue from the underside of it.

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