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Girls Outing

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I lived in a men\'s dorm while I was in college and met some interesting guys and girls. Girls weren\'t allowed in the men\'s dorms and it was an expulsion penalty if one was caught in your room. I wa

I lived in a men's dorm while I was in college and met some interesting guys and girls. Girls weren't allowed in the men's dorms and it was an expulsion penalty if one was caught in your room. I was returning for my junior year after some great adventures during my sophomore year. My buddy Rick had graduated the year before and he and I enjoyed providing shaving services to lots of guys. I had a new roommate this year and my shaving exploits and other adventures had really improved. Larry and I had continued to provide shaves for a couple of guys a week and gave lots of happy endings.

Bill was a friend I knew from our Saturday night penny poker games. He had introduced me to his friend from out of town and we all had a great time watching porno and getting blow jobs at his hotel room. Until that day I hadn't paid much attention to Bill, but during the afternoon with Bill's out of town friend Tony where five of us enjoyed his cock sucking skills, I saw that Bill had a nice cock with a big head and getting sucked. I wrote about our afternoon with Tony in my College Lineup story.

After that afternoon I was discussing Tony with Bill and told him to invite me to any future get togethers. He said he would. During the conversation I told Bill that I was providing shaving services to a few guys and that if he was interested, I would be happy to shave him. He smiled and told me that he had heard about my shaving service before the afternoon with Tony and thought Larry and I would enjoy the session. I was surprised that he knew but again thanked him for inviting us and told him we were always happy to have new customers. He said he had lots of male and female friends around the campus and would keep me in mind.

After the Saturday night poker game Bill told me he would like to come over for a shave. I told him to be at my room at ten on Sunday and I would take care of him. When he arrived at ten I had him strip and started my normal routine for providing a shave. During the shave I was admiring his nice cock and began to see the head get coated with his precum. When I finished the shave I gave him a happy ending with my tongue, lips and mouth. I told him I enjoyed the session as much as he did and that he was welcome back any time. He thanked me and got dressed and left.

I didn't see Bill until the poker game on the next Saturday. After the game he pulled me aside and said we needed to talk. I assumed he was going to tell me he had found another guy who wanted to be shaved. We walked outside to chat and he told me he had a girlfriend who wanted him to fix up her roommate with a date. He said he thought of me and that if I was interested, we could get together at the nearby lake on Sunday. I told him I would meet them at the lake and we could get acquainted. He said that they thought I would be interested in meeting the roommate and that I should be there at one. He told me he had a special place at the lake and we wouldn't be disturbed if we met there. I told him I had been there before and would see them at one.

When I arrived at the lake, I saw two nice-looking girls but no Bill. We introduced ourselves. Kathy was Bills girlfriend and had a killer body and short blond hair. Pam had longer blond hair and also had a nice body. I was really happy that Bill had invited me and was admiring both girls as we chatted. Kathy told me that Bill was running late and that we should start without him. I took three beers out of the cooler they had brought and we sat on a blanket they had already spread out on the ground.

As we opened our second beer the chatting turned to sex and I started to get aroused thinking about playing with one or both of them. I could see that they were both looking a little turned on as Pam suggested that we go for a swim and cool off a little. I told her I would love to but didn't bring a bathing suit. They both laughed and told me they didn't have one either. After that comment it was a race to see who could strip the quickest. I was trailing these two good looking girls, all three of us ran down to the lake. Both of the girls jumped into the lake and turned around to face me with their nice-looking tits and pussies in full view. They were enjoying watching my stiff cock as I entered the water.

We were all laughing and having a good time splashing in the lake for a few minutes. Pam swam over to me and wrapped her arms around my neck and we began to enjoy a really nice French kiss. It didn't take my cock long to get hard again as we began to press our bodies together. Kathy swam over to us and said she was feeling left out. I was a little worried that Bill might see me with my hands all over his girlfriend, but the two girls didn't seem to mind. As I was feeling their asses they began to kiss and feel each other. Kathy finally pushed away and said we should relax on the blanket. I couldn't believe my luck as I watched these two good-looking bodies as we returned to the blanket.

We sat on the blanket and opened another beer. I told them Bill didn't know what he was missing and they said they wouldn't tell if I wouldn't. As we talked Kathy said Bill had told her I was really good at shaving. I was a little confused that Bill would have told her that, but told her it was my specialty. She said that was good because she was ready for one. I told her I would be happy to take care of her but didn't have my shaving equipment with me. She said not to worry as she retrieved a shaving kit with shaving cream, a razor and some lotion. Either she had a good imagination or Bill had told her about being shaved.

I told her I was ready if she was. She rolled up the unused towels for her head and laid on her back. I didn't even have to tell her to spread her legs as she raised her knees and spread her pussy. I told Pam to dip the washcloth in the lake so I could use it to wipe up after the shave. As Pam was walking to the lake, I covered her pubic hair with shaving cream and began to shave. Pam came back and saw Kathy was really enjoying the attention her pussy area was getting from the shave. Pam said she would like a shave too and lowered her lips to Kathy's and they began to kiss. She moved her lips to Kathy's nipples and began to nibble and suck.

Kathy was really breathing hard as I wiped the cream off and rubbed in the lotion. My head was always close to her pussy as I was shaving so it was an easy move for me to begin to kiss my way up her inner thighs until I reached her pussy lips. I ran my tongue around the lips and then began to tongue fuck her as I locked my mouth on her juicy pussy. I was watching Pam suck Kathy's tits as I felt Pam beginning to climax. I moved my tongue to her clit and drove her over the edge.

I told Kathy that she was welcome to get a shave with a happy ending any time she wanted it. Pam told Kathy to move over so she could get her shave. When I looked at Pam's pussy, I saw that even though she had not climaxed she was dripping wet. I moved my mouth to her pussy and licked her juices before I started with the shave. Her body began to shake as I was licking so I backed off and began my shaving routine. By the time I had finished cleaning up and applying the lotion Pam had cooled down a little. As I looked up, I saw the girls playing with other's nipples. Pam made eye contact with me and told me to eat her pussy to give her a happy ending.

I licked her pussy lips and found her hard clit. As I began to suck, she went crazy and climaxed in no time. As I finished eating Pam's cunt I told them we should cool down and have another beer. I was still stiff, but knew that if we did anything else right now that I would drop my load in an instant. We drank the beer and talked about the shaving experience. They had both enjoyed the happy ending and wanted to keep playing for a while.

After we finished our beer, I moved over to Pam and we began to French kiss. I ran my fingers along her body and played with her nipples before I moved a hand to her pussy. I began to massage her pussy when she told me she wanted me to fuck her. I rolled over on my back and she straddled my legs and fed my cock into her pussy. She was facing me and I kept playing with her tits. Apparently, Karen was enjoying the show and she told me it was time to work my magic on her pussy. She sat with her pussy on my mouth and was facing Pam. The girls began to play with each other as they kissed and gyrated on my mouth and cock.

I could tell all of us were close to a climax but I was the first to drop my load. Pam kept fucking me and began to climax as I felt Karen stiffen as her juices covered my face. As we began to cool down, I suggested that we go for another swim. We got out of the lake, dried off and got dressed. I carried all their stuff to their car and I gave them each a kiss before they left. This was the first but not the last I would have with these two good-looking blonds.