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Exploring with My Big Brother

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INTRODUCTION & DISCLAIMER - Pretty and petite university student Matilda from Brisbane, Australia has always adored Tyler, her much older half brother from her father\'s first marriage and they get al

INTRODUCTION & DISCLAIMER - Pretty and petite university student Matilda from Brisbane, Australia has always adored Tyler, her much older half brother from her father's first marriage and they get along well despite the difference between them, mostly their age with Matilda aged 18 and Tyler aged 40. In recent months however Matilda has suspected Tyler of perving on her, although she has no evidence of this and puts it down to an overly active imagination on her part.

So has Tyler really been perving on his much younger half sister? And what will happen one Saturday when Matilda and Tyler go out for a day out together on the Gold Coast? Find out by reading 'Exploring With My Big Brother'.

Please note that this story involves voyeurism and explicit sex acts between a sister and brother with an age difference of more than 20 years, as well as scenes involving the sister using the toilet and having her period, which might not be to every reader's taste. All characters, businesses and situations depicted in the story are fictional with similarity to real persons living or dead coincidental and unintentional, and only characters aged 18 and older are in any sex scenes. Please enjoy and be sure to rate and comment.


My younger brother Zac and I jumped as we heard a car horn sound in the garage, followed by an almighty smashing of glass and our outraged father Gordon bellowing, "Tyler, you twit!"

Zac and I exchanged a glance as we poured breakfast cereal and milk into our bowls, and our mother Jeanette entered the kitchen and said to us while sighing and wringing her hands. "I wonder what that brother of yours has done to upset your father this time?" she mused to us.

Mum was not Tyler's mother but his stepmother. She never openly said anything negative about her stepson, but did a lot of sighing and hand-wringing whenever Tyler was around and I had once heard her comment to her sister -- our aunt - after Tyler departed after visiting one Christmas that 'a little bit of Tyler goes a very long way.'

Growing up, Zac and I had heard our father admonish his eldest son Tyler by saying "Tyler you twit!" so often that it was sort of like the catch phrase of a character from an old Hanna-Barbera cartoon from the 1960s or 1970s. That our father looked somewhat like a cartoon character -- he had a bald head, moustache, glasses and an almost constantly frustrated and indignant facial expression -- didn't help.

We would soon find out what had happened this morning when our father and half-brother entered the kitchen from the garage arguing about the incident. "Dad, I said I was sorry and that I would clean up the mess and pay to replace the beer. I didn't mean to beep the horn -- I was just checking the car's engine - and I didn't know you were there."

"To pay to replace the beer -- expensive imported beer I was taking for your uncle and I to enjoy -- you would need to have money in your bank account, which you do not. And why bother to check the car, it is a heap of junk 20-years-old that belongs in a wrecker's yard, Tyler you twit!"

Zac and I kept out of the way as our father and much older half-brother Tyler entered the kitchen, our Dad as red as a cooked lobster and breathing heavily, probably recovering from the shock of the car horn beeping at him when he wasn't expecting it and dropping the expensive beer on the garage floor, the bottles smashing and lager going everywhere.

Like many kids born to older parents on their second marriages, Zac and I had a short version and a long version of our family. Short version -- we were part of a perfect nuclear family who lived in an ordinary suburban house in the Australian city of Brisbane in the current year 2019. There was our Mum, our Dad, the son Zac who was born in 2002 and me, the daughter Matilda, born in the year 2000. Plus there was the cat Shadow and the dog Harry.

The longer version was that Dad had been previously married to a woman named Phyllis and they had two children born in the 1970s. There was Karen, who was born in 1976 and Tyler, who was born in 1979, both adults when first me and then my younger brother made our way into the world in the early 2000s. The same was true of our cousins. Mum and Dad's siblings had all had their kids in the mid-late 1970s and early 1980s, so the youngest of our cousins were already finishing high school by the time Zac and I were born.

Mum had previously been married too, but despite wanting children she and her first husband were unable to have them no matter what they and the fertility doctors tried. Some marriages survive infertility, others don't, and Mum's first marriage fell into the latter category. However, within a month of marrying Dad in 1999 Mum then aged 39 found she was late and nine months later gave birth to a healthy baby girl -- me - after a trouble free pregnancy. Rinse and repeat for my little brother two years later.

Dad was ten years older than Mum, so I think it was a bit tiring for him when he became a father again in his 50s. That eldest daughter Karen and her husband Jeremy made Dad a grandfather in 2005 when she gave birth to her daughter and then again in 2008 when she gave birth to her son made him feel even older. That's one of the things about having older half-siblings from a parent's first marriage -- you tend to become and aunt or an uncle at a very young age and it was certainly true for Zac and I.

When it came to his son and daughter from his first marriage Dad's philosophy was a simple and inflexible one. Daughter Karen was perfect and could do no wrong. Son Tyler was useless and could do nothing right.

Karen had always been a high-achiever from the time she arrived in the world -- a straight-A student at school who also excelled on the sports field at the pricey private school she had attended. She had gone to university and become a lawyer, and years later she was a high-priced barrister. Her husband Jeremy was also a lawyer, and the couple lived with their two kids in a very expensive house in a nice suburb in the Redlands Bay area of Brisbane.

Tyler was the complete opposite of his older sister. He had also been initially enrolled at the same private school -- the same school I had graduated from last year and which Zac attended now -- but to the great annoyance of Dad and his mother Phyllis the school had called them in for a conference in which they said that Tyler, then aged 12, really wasn't suited for the private school. They suggested that it would be in the best interests of everyone if Tyler was withdrawn and enrolled in a state school, advice Dad and his first wife grudgingly took.

In his new environment at the state school, Tyler happily fell in with the slackers' group and did the bare minimum to get by. Since leaving school Tyler's working life had consisted of a series of low paid, short-lived jobs, often temporary assignments. Tyler had no university degree, no TAFE diploma or no trade qualifications. He had never owned a house, his cars had always been a series of second-hand bombs on wheels and if he had more than 100 dollars in his bank account after pay day, Tyler was doing well.

Dad was not shy about expressing his negative views about his eldest son either to Tyler directly or to anyone else, but in Tyler's defense he never set out to annoy his father. He just seemed to be beset with bad luck whenever he was around Dad and would earn a 'Tyler you twit!' admonishment like the incident this morning with the car horn and the beer.

For example, Tyler never set out to destroy Dad's expensive new barbeque the first time it was used. Granted, Tyler probably shouldn't have tried to see what the red button would do and he should have aimed the fire extinguisher more at the barbeque as it went up in flames than at both Dad and the barbeque, but at least the fire didn't spread.

Likewise Tyler never meant to back a trailer in so tight that nobody could move it and Dad had to get a neighbor who worked in a car dealership to maneuver it out. He didn't mean to cause offense to Dad's boss and the boss's wife when he made the joke about the gay sperm whale and the submarine in front of them, he had no way of knowing their son was gay.

And Tyler only had the best of intentions when he dressed up as a clown for Zac's eighth birthday and snuck into the back yard to surprise him, only he got it wrong and instead went into the neighbors' back yard where he encountered their two autistic sons. Those boys were terrified of the world and everything in it, clowns topping the very long list so their reaction to this could be heard throughout South Eastern Queensland from the top of the Sunshine Coast all the way down to Tweed Heads on the New South Wales side of the border and probably into Toowoomba as well. For some strange reason the neighbors moved away after this incident.

Since October 2017, Tyler had more opportunities to get on Dad's nerves than before, because he had moved into our spare room after breaking up with his long-term girlfriend Joanna. Prior to meeting Joanna in 2011, Tyler had never really had a serious girlfriend before, but something apparently clicked here and by the start of 2012 they had moved in together.

This change in Tyler's life also brought a steady job, working in sales in a large company of which Joanna's father was a senior manager. Prior to this Tyler's longest job had been working as a driver for an airport transfer bus company on the Gold Coast in the late 2000s, which he lost after a variety of incidents such as running out of fuel on the Gateway Bridge into Brisbane, forgetting to pick up a group from their hotel in an obscure part of the Gold Coast, taking a group of Chinese tourists to the Gold Coast Airport when they really needed to go up to Brisbane Airport in Eagle Farm and messing up pickup and drop-off times in Tweed Heads and Coolangatta during the summer months when there was daylight saving in New South Wales but not across the border in Queensland.

Dad was pleased that his black sheep, Peter Pan-like, Ne'er-do-well-son had finally grown up at age 32 and gotten into a steady long-term relationship and had a full-time job, but I wasn't so sure about Joanna and I definitely wasn't sure if my big brother was happy in his new life. I never really liked Joanna, she was a good example of what happens if an only child is not parented correctly. She wasn't spoiled exactly, but bore all her parents' expectations especially with regards to producing grandchildren, and very neurotic and controlling. I also got the impression Tyler wasn't too happy in his new career, he would always just answer 'fine' when I asked him about his job. But I was aged about 12-13 at the time, what did I know?

It was Joanna's desire for children that would set the relationship with Tyler on a course for a large iceberg. She had it all planned -- she and Tyler would have two kids and then get married. Why it had to be that way around was obvious. Being a father would keep man-child Tyler under control better than a wedding ring. Plus like Tyler Joanna was born in 1979, so she wanted to have kids before age 40 and her biological clock became an issue.

Unfortunately, the having kids part proved a problem. Month after month went by and Joanna failed to fall pregnant. Doctors could find nothing wrong with either her or Tyler and they tried a variety of IVF treatments, all of which were expensive and all to no avail. It caused friction in the relationship, and when an exhausted Tyler suggested that they take a break from fertility treatments and let nature take its course, Joanna was having none of it.

Tyler was never going to win an award for being the most tactful person in Australia, and decided to reassure Joanna by telling her about the experience of one of his friends at school-leavers 20 years earlier. "One of my mates right, he fucked his girlfriend at schoolies and got her pregnant. They were both 18, and it was the first time either of them had done it. He wore a condom, she was taking the pill and was on her period, and he still knocked her up with boy-girl twins. So if it can happen for them, it can happen for us."

This brought the relationship by this stage a train-wreck to an end, and given Tyler worked at a company where his ex-girlfriend's father was a senior manager he was out of a job too, targeted for redundancy. He was also out of a place to live when Joanna kicked him out and threw out all his stuff onto the street.

In years past Tyler would have couch-surfed with his mates, but they had all grown up and had all married and started families by now, so this wasn't an option any more. Nor was staying with other members of the family. So despite Dad's distaste for Tyler, the only option was for the unemployed Tyler with a bank balance of about 50 dollars to move into our spare room. And when Dad wasn't saying 'Tyler, you twit!' he sure as hell was thinking it.

Eighteen months had gone by since Tyler moved in, it was now April 2019, and Tyler had turned 40 earlier in the year and was still living at home with us, doing intermittent temp work at warehouses through an agency. Being middle-aged now and his lack of qualifications and his poor work history -- lots of different short-lived jobs in a variety of different industries -- hardly made him a star candidate for prospective employers.

We were an odd family really. Dad was turning 70 next year and still worked full time at a bank in the city, the same bank he had worked for since leaving school decades ago. Mum was 60 and also worked full time as a librarian. I was 18 turning 19 in June and was in my first year studying commerce at university with the view to becoming an accountant, working part time in an ice-cream shop to earn money. Zac was in Year 11 at high school and worked part time at an electronics shop, my younger brother very interested. And then of course there was Tyler, who seemed to have specifically placed on this Earth to annoy Dad.

Despite being past retirement age and having enough superannuation to retire more than comfortably, Dad showed no signs of wanting to quit work. There were two main reasons for this. One, Dad was a workaholic and if he did retire he would probably become one of those people who after finishing at the office on the Friday with a big card, gift and function would die from a heart attack by Sunday morning. Second, if he wasn't at work he might have to spend more time with Tyler, his eldest son only going to work intermittently.

So what did Zac and I think of our much older half-brother and half-sister? Our views were very different from our father. We absolutely loved and adored Tyler growing up but had very little time for Karen.

Tyler was always such a great big brother, taking Zac and I out for outings to fun places around Brisbane and the Gold Coast when we were kids. He was the nicest guy you could ever meet, would play with us on our level, and just as happy to play princesses with me or robot soldiers with Zac. He would watch TV shows with us, would make us laugh by telling us jokes and doing impressions and was always so laid back and funny, one almost never saw him stressed or down. It really was a pity that Tyler never met the right girl instead of Joanna as he would have made a great Dad given the chance.

Conversely, Karen we always found aloof and stand-offish. Outings with our older sister, her husband and their kids to fun places were anything but fun, thanks to Karen's long lists of rules that had to be followed rigidly. Their house was definitely a house, not a home, not so much as a speck of dust out of place inside, and not a stray leaf to be seen outside.

When I was a little girl, I used to feel most upset that my Daddy was so positive about Karen but so mean to Tyler, Zac feeling the same way. As we got a bit older we could see that our father would be proud of his daughter's achievements and not so pleased with Tyler's slack approach to life. It didn't stop us loving Tyler though, and wanting to spend time with him.

Unlike Mum and Dad, Zac and I loved Tyler living with us but given the three of us shared a bathroom it did create some problems for me. I was used to having one brother leaving the seat up or leaving me with no toilet paper to use when I needed to sit on the toilet, now I had two brothers doing the same thing! Talk about double trouble.

Today, which was a Saturday, was a day where Tyler and I would be having a fun day out. Despite our difference in age we got along so well and enjoyed going places and hanging out together. I was well on top of my university study assignments and wasn't rostered on for a shift at the ice-cream parlor today. Tyler was starting another temporary work placement at a warehouse on Monday for two weeks, but had a free weekend. Zac might have accompanied us, but he had a large group assignment for high school and had to work on this with his two friends, who had permission to sleep over for the Saturday night.

Mum and Dad were going away for an extended long weekend with Dad's brother and his wife up near Noosa on the Sunshine Coast, and were not coming back until Tuesday. Their departure however was delayed due to the mishap in the garage involving Tyler's car horn, Dad and the bottles of beer.

"Dad, I'll go and get the broom, dustpan and brush and the mop and clean up the mess, don't worry about a thing," Tyler assured our fuming father, before turning towards the laundry to retrieve these times.

"You had better get every shard of glass cleared up you imbecile," our father boomed before storming upstairs, Mum following him and trying to get him to calm down. I think Daddy might have needed one of his angina tablets after this morning's events.

"Tyler sure got on Dad's nerves again this morning," Zac commented as we sat down at the breakfast bar to eat our cereal.

I shook my head. "I think its best we stay out of it Zac," I said.

"Agree there, Matilda," Zac conferred.

Tyler went by carrying the cleaning materials to get the broken glass and mess in the garage cleaned up, and Zac and I finished our cereal and washed our bowls and spoons. I then headed upstairs and as I did so, got a text on my phone from my friend Emily, pausing to reply. I then swiped through my phone and brought up my photos looking at one, a very rare photo of all four siblings together, taken at my high school graduation late last year.

Dad was a tall man -- six feet three inches in height although increasing age and Tyler-induced stress caused him to stoop more recently -- and he seemed to have a taste for tall women. His first wife Phyllis stood six feet one and Mum was an impressing five feet eleven.

Phyllis and Dad's DNA combined to produce a very tall son and daughter. Karen stood at six feet one like her mother, and Tyler's tall lanky frame at six feet four just eclipsed our father. Zac seemed to keep growing and growing, and at 17 he had now reached Dad's height and was just an inch away from catching Tyler. It made him a pretty handy basketball player at school.

Dad had long referred to Tyler as being the black sheep of the family, but when it came to height I was definitely the black sheep. My petite, willow-like teenage figure stood at a tiny five feet one inch when barefoot, my parents, older half siblings and younger brother towering over me. Thanks to Karen marrying a tall man, my niece and nephew were now taller than me too. I felt like a pygmy in a land of giants, although my pint-sized body made me a pretty handy center at netball and good at athletics.

Going into my bedroom, I took my hair-brush and began to brush my long, light-brown hair. Genetics were interesting in our family. I had never known Dad with anything other than a bald head with minimal grey hair around the sides -- perhaps the stress of raising Tyler in his younger years had caused him to grey and go bald early -- but he had brown hair when he was younger and his eyes were brown.

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