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Julie and my Roommate Ch. 06

Chapter 6 The Birds and the Bees I was awoken that night around midnight with Julie snuggling up to my left side and draping an arm over my chest. I was enjoying the attention even if she was sleepy.... [detailed]

  • Sharing is a Wonderful Thing

    (contains lesbian, incest, threesome) -- \"Ah! Harder, right there~\" Kate\'s voice came clear through the cardboard-thin wall of the apartment to the waiting ears of her sister sitting in the living[detailed]

    2023-01-30 18:00 Classification:IncestDemiurging
  • Happy Birthday Pt. 03

    This story contains sex between men and women, women and women, men and men, and supernatural creatures and humans; all of whom are over the age of eighteen.[detailed]

    2023-01-30 18:00 Classification:IncestGorwin
  • It was Grammy's Idea Ch. 08

    \"Whap!........Whap!........WHAPPPPPP!!!\" \"Harder mom!!! Go ahead!! Hurtt meee!! HARDERRRRR!!! SHIT YESSSS!!!\"[detailed]

    2023-01-30 18:00 Classification:IncestJoMaddox
  • The Age of Ares Ch. 04

    The Age of Ares Chapter 4: Reconnecting With My Sister. Authors Note: This story is a work of fiction! All sexual participants are 18 or older! If any of my descriptions match a real person, it\'s pur[detailed]

    2023-01-30 18:00 Classification:IncestPhoenixLord
  • The Descent Ch. 15

    Stepping out of the shower, Jim sighed heavily as the weight of the upcoming evening pressed heavily on his mind. He had really reached a point where nothing was off-limits or out-of-bounds for the We[detailed]

    2023-01-30 18:00 Classification:IncestGUIWriter577
  • AMA - The Divorcee: Day 10

    CHAPTER 97.1 What happens next? Alone Time You feel a hand caressing your cheek as a pair of lips kiss the other.[detailed]

    2023-01-30 18:00 Classification:Incestsaktongmanyak
  • A New Beginning Pt. 01

    October 31, 1912. I, Jacob Moses Flannery was forced out of the warm confines of my mother, Harriet Flannery\'s, womb. She said I never cried that day. Nor did I through most of the following 18 years[detailed]

    2023-01-30 18:00 Classification:IncestIncestgod
  • Playing Daddy Pt. 04

    Playing daddy pt.4 They were plotting something, I felt it in my bones! Elaine had been with us for three days and in that time she and Rachel had been almost glued at the hips. I couldn\'t blame them[detailed]

    2023-01-30 18:00 Classification:IncestJimjonk
  • Cheerleader Friends - Ellie Ch. 02

    Chapter Two The taxi pulled up outside a beautiful memory. His home. His family. His lifeline. For close to five agonising years, he had dreamed of this moment. Dreams filled with love, dreams filled[detailed]

    2023-01-29 18:00 Classification:IncestDelvesdeep
  • The Lodge Pt. 03

    Busy day at The Lodge, our second week opened. Today we opened for day passes, allowing 100 individuals over 18 to come in for the day, 9 am -- 10 pm. As exciting as this is, today is also the day our[detailed]

    2023-01-29 18:00 Classification:Incestmarklovessex
  • Sibling Eye Candy Adventure

    Like so many of life\'s stories, this one started out due to a conflagration of random and unexpected events. Event one was Mr. and Mrs. Smith\'s decision to reconfigure the upstairs of their home giv[detailed]

    2023-01-29 18:00 Classification:IncestSPEN STERLING
  • An Affair with My Married Daughter Ch. 02

    An Affair with My Married Daughter - Ch. 2 A father and his middle aged married daughter continue their affair[detailed]

    2023-01-29 18:00 Classification:Incestthepeckker