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  • Neverland Pt. 02

    - I walked out of Pete\'s bedroom with my arm over my chest and my hand settled over my mound. Pete looked at me and frowned. His eyes held the same compassion as the night before I became his slave.[detailed]

    2023-01-10 22:33 Classification:Fantasy
  • Neverland

    The athletic security guy took a second peek at my ID. I had long dark hair in the government-issued picture. Now I have a red pixie cut. At 19, I am old enough to get in but not to drink. The hair, h[detailed]

    2022-12-31 22:33 Classification:Fantasy
  • Sharing Daddy Pt. 02

    I awoke in my bed with my pussy sore. I wasn\'t a virgin, but Daddy\'s cock was massive and more effective than my ex-boyfriend\'s dick. Guilt washed over me at how I had acted. Sneaking into daddy\'s[detailed]

    2022-12-10 18:00 Classification:Incest
  • The Hound and the Whore Pt. 02

    The morning was quiet. The Royal family didn\'t speak much while breaking their fast. The Hound didn\'t mind the silence but found it odd the Queen was tardy. The children usually bickered nonstop. He[detailed]

    2022-12-08 18:00 Classification:Fan Fiction
  • Married to a Bully Ch. 06

    + +A compassionate man + I was sitting in Jeff\'s car riding through downtown Houston, TX. It was raining and dreary, but I was pumped up. Even the dull podcast he played couldn\'t persuade me to drop[detailed]

    2022-11-29 22:33 Classification:Fantasy
  • Sharing Daddy

    Taylor It was one of those exhausting days. I was tired before I went to work this morning. A warm bath and my bed were both calling me[detailed]

    2022-11-29 18:00 Classification:Incest
  • Married to a Bully Ch. 05

    + +A Sour man + Jeff paced back and forth with a phone to his ear. He usually stuck his hand in his pocket and wiggled his change when upset, but he only walked back and forth, fuming. Watching him, I[detailed]

    2022-11-25 22:33 Classification:Fantasy
  • The Summer of Sam Ch. 01

    \"Thank you for sharing that information. I will pass it along,\" Laurie said into her headset. She was sitting at her office desk/ kitchen table, sorting through papers spread out on the flat top.[detailed]

    2022-11-24 22:33 Classification:Fantasy
  • Jeff Ch. 03

    2004 Milly Anderson stepped down the long staircase, blonde hair cascading down her back. She wore a modest nightgown and a loosely tied robe. Looking around her vast dining room, Milly swiped a finge[detailed]

    2022-11-14 18:00 Classification:Incest
  • Married to a Bully Ch. 04

    TW: I got bored and switched to first person. This story has homophobic slurs, degrading slurs toward women, degrading insults toward men, Non-con sex, and a bunch of other shit that shouldn\'t turn m[detailed]

    2022-11-12 22:33 Classification:Fantasy