adult fiction story


  • The Titillating Tailor

    It had been ten years since Nash last walked through the ancient streets of Silvermoon. Back then, the city was much different than it was now. The sin\'dorei were in turmoil after their beloved king[detailed]

    2022-11-25 18:00 Classification:Fan Fiction
  • The Helpful Herbalist

    Today was the perfect day for Zekara to go hunting in the vibrant woods of Quel\'Thalas. As a young buck of the Amani Tribe, he had much to prove. He came from a long line of proud warriors, and the h[detailed]

    2022-11-17 18:00 Classification:Fan Fiction
  • Dazarɺlor Delight Ch. 02

    Having spent the first night of her vacation getting railed by a Zandalari troll in his miserable excuse for a store, Erisel was ready to relax. It took her half a day to clean off after a night of ra[detailed]

    2022-11-15 18:00 Classification:Fan Fiction
  • Dazarɺlor Delight

    The great pyramid of Dazar\'alor was a sight to behold for the elven tourists as they reached the end of their voyage. For the first time ever, the capital of the great Zandalari Empire was open to th[detailed]

    2022-11-14 18:00 Classification:Fan Fiction
  • The Exquisite Excursionist

    One of the great mysteries of Azeroth is the promiscuous nature of Thalassian females. A reasonable person would assume women of such a proud race to be discriminating with their sexual partners, but[detailed]

    2022-07-19 18:00 Classification:Fan Fiction
  • The Thirsty Thief

    Arjak\'s machete sliced through incessant vines as he braved into the miry umbrage of Nazmir. There were a thousand ways to die in this fetid swamp, some of which were unspeakably gruesome even by Zan[detailed]

    2022-04-16 10:23 Classification:Fan Fiction
  • The Tantalizing Tourist

    It was a balmy summer day in the tropical paradise of Zuldazar as Arjak watched a strange red ship sail into port. Foreign vessels were not an unusual sight these days, but he was always intrigued by[detailed]

    2022-04-16 10:23 Classification:Fan Fiction
  • The Sprightly Sailor

    Arjak had made plenty of mistakes in his career as a mercenary, but none of them were as embarrassing as his latest one. For the first time in many years, he had broken one of his own rules and accept[detailed]

    2022-04-16 10:23 Classification:Fan Fiction
  • The Modish Model

    Sabina smiled seductively as she posed upon the pristine sand of a secluded Zandalari beach. The sunny weather this afternoon provided optimal lighting to capture her image, something she maintained w[detailed]

    2022-04-16 10:21 Classification:Fan Fiction
  • The Mischievous Mistress

    Tazai was awoken by the sound of footsteps against a hard stone floor. As his eyes eased open, he found himself laying within a metal cage in the middle of a windowless dungeon. The only source of lig[detailed]

    2022-04-16 10:21 Classification:Fan Fiction